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Gonex Rubber Barbell Pad Set

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  • Shock Absorbent Foam: Crafted with care using soft, thick, and protective foam, the Gonex barbell pad absorbs impact, providing relief from discomfort during exercises like squats and lunges. The 1.3" thick high-density foam ensures exceptional durability.
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Surface: Fits 1.0-1.1'' Olympic barbells and Smith machine bars. The waterproof rubber surface not only ensures an odorless experience but also makes the pad easy to clean after intense workouts.
  • Secure Straps Included: Two straps are included to effectively prevent barbell slippage and dropping during workouts. These straps, along with the hip resistance band and gym ankle straps, support various exercises like squats, lunges, and hip thrusts.
  • Ergonomic Design: The scientifically designed ergonomic groove releases pressure and discomfort from your neck. The pad evenly distributes weight on the shoulders, providing maximum protection for your shoulder and neck.
  • Complete Barbell Pad Set: This set includes a barbell pad for both men and women, a pair of gym ankle straps for improved leg strength, and an elastic & anti-slip hip resistance band for enhanced hip lift and body shaping. Suitable for various exercises, including yoga and Pilates.

Material: High-density foam with shock-absorbent properties

Surface: Waterproof rubber for an odorless and easy-to-clean experience

Fit: Designed to fit 1.0-1.1'' Olympic barbells and Smith machine bars

Straps: Includes two straps for secure attachment and prevention of barbell slippage

Ergonomic Design: Scientifically designed groove for even weight distribution, releasing neck pressure


Barbell Pad x1

Hip Resistance Band x1

Ankle Strap x2

Storage Bag x1

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