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Gonex Barbell Pad Set

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Gonex Barbell Pad Set is the ultimate solution for those who want to protect their neck and shoulder during squats, lunges, hip thrust, hip abductors and more. Made with upgraded anti-slip fabric and thickened rubber foam, it is easy to clean and provides a non-slip surface even with sweat. The ergonomic design groove helps to distribute weight evenly, protecting your shoulder and neck from discomfort and pressure.

This fantastic barbell pad set includes a barbell pad for both men and women, a pair of gym ankle straps that fit any ankle size and help improve leg strength and hip abductor muscles, and an elastic and anti-slip hip resistance band that enhances hip lift, leg shaping, and body shaping. It is suitable for P90x, Crossfit, Yoga, Pilates, and more. No more waiting to use public worn-out and unhygienic squat bar neck pads in the gym.

Gonex hip thrust pad comes with a stable and versatile design, measuring 17.0*3.7 inches, with large hoop and loop fasteners that can prevent the barbell from slipping and falling. You can carry it in two ways, thanks to its special cross-body design that lets you freely carry the foam squat pad on single-shoulder or in cross-body way.


Barbell Pad:

Material: 600D Oxford+ ergonomic cotton-ammonia.

Inside: NBR.

Length: 17.0".

Width: 3.7".

Thickness: 1.3".

Ankle Straps:

Material: SBR+ Nylon+ Stainless Steel D ring.

Diameter of D ring: 1.3".

Total length: 14.6".

Width: 3.2".

Hip Resistance Band:

Material: Cotton+rubber latex thread.

Circumference: 29.1".

Width: 3.2".

Application: suitable for people with 125kg and a pull value of about 100 pounds.


1 x Gonex Barbell Pad Set.

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Q1: Can the Barbell Pad Set be washed in a washing machine?

The ankle straps and the hip resistance band can be put in the washing machine. But we don't suggest that you put the barbell pad in the washing machine because it may make the pad out of shape.

Q2: Is the Gonex Barbell Pad Set suitable for hip thrusts?

Yes, the Gonex Barbell Pad works exceptionally well for hip thrusts, providing the necessary comfort and support.

Q3: Does the Gonex Barbell Pad Set offer neck and shoulder protection?

Yes, the Barbell Pad Set is designed with scientific ergonomic principles to provide maximum protection for your neck, shoulders, and hips during weightlifting exercises.


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