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    Please Pay Attention To This Notice Before Purchasing

     Welcome to Gonex Shopify Store!

    There are some notices you need to know before purchasing!

    1. Where is/are the item(s) shipped from?

    We have thre warehouses, US(the United States) warehouse, CA(Canada) warehouse and China warehouse. Usually, if the shipping address is in US(the United States) /CA(Canada), we will arrange to ship out your order from US/CA; but if the item(s) is not in stock in US/CA, we will arrange to ship out your order from China.  If the shipping address is in countries other than the United States and Canada, we will and can only arrange to send out your order from China, and please choose the "can be shipped to select countries".

    2. Shipping Time

    can be shipped only within US / CA: Usually you can get items within 3-5 business days.

    can be shipped to select countries: You may get your order within 30 days or 40-60 days. If the shipping address is in remote areas, it may take a few more days for you to get your order. What's more, if it meets a slow clearance processing, it may also take a little longer for you to get your order.

    3. The inventory for items will change at any time, so if the shipping address is in US/CA, and the item(s) you chose that marked as "can be shipped only within US / CA" is not in stock in our US/CA warehouse, we will contact you first to solve the problem.

    4. Please leave a VALID and commonly used e-mail, so that you can receive the order confirmation email and fulfillment email with the tracking number, and we can also contact you in a timely manner if anything changes.

    If will be better if you could leave your phone number with the order. We will add your phone to the order in case anything happens. And you will also receive the shipping confirmation SMS when the order has been fulfilled.

    5. You cold leave us a note if you have anything important. We will check the note first when we handle your order.

    6. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us (email:

    7. We can be able to solve problems for the orders via,,, and Shopify Store. If your orders are made on other websites (such as,, I'm afraid that you may need to contact the sellers there to help solve your problem!

    Thank you so much for your understanding!



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