About Gonexsport

Gonexsport.com is Gonex official online store, to ensure our customers have been treated well. As a brand Website, Gonexsport provides excellent customer service, especially in the after-sales period. Shopping at our official website, you can get the product guarantee. We want our customers to have satisfaction with our considerable service. We want to make friends with our customers through our official website. Join us to get the latest Gonex High-quality product for travel and sports.

A group of young people with common ideals met on a trip in 2008. With enthusiasm and persistence in improving the quality of travel, they co-founded “Gonex” in 2015. The meaning of “Gonex” implies “Go! Next Stop!

At first, they insisted on making a backpack which is popular with traveling enthusiasts, and now, they still insist on…

At the early stage, Gonex mainly specialized in collapsible backpacks, gradually developing into garment folder, travel duffel, toiletry bag, packing cubes, passport wallet and so on.

“Let all the people who love traveling in the world have hassle-free and joyful trips.” This is the initial dream of Gonex. After years of dedication and innovation, Gonex continues to develop and expand high-quality and durable travel equipment products, gradually becoming an international brand with a complete travel product line.