Exploring and Reviewing Gonex Waterproof Duffel Bag with @AdventureswithSpackmann

In the ever-evolving landscape of outdoor exploration, the right gear can make the difference between a memorable adventure and a mere excursion.

Camping, a pursuit cherished for its communion with nature, demands gear that can stand up to the elements. Therefore, having dependable gear that can withstand the elements is essential. Using protective bags and packs with waterproofing features can be a critical way to keep belongings safe and dry. A waterproof bag serves as a fortress for essential gear, shielding it from the capricious nature of weather, ensuring that your gear remains not only dry but functional.

This article embarksa real review feedback of the Gonex Waterproof Duffel Bag. A video by "AdventuresofSpeckman" serves as our guide, taking us through a detailed examination of the bag's features, scrutinizing its storage capacity, and putting its waterproof capabilities to the test.

With camping season underway, waterproof bags and packs are a top priority for keeping gear protected. For the active outdoor enthusiast, keeping critical items dry can be the difference between an enjoyable trip and a disastrous one.

In the conclusion, we will guide you through the process of effectively sealing the Gonex 60L Duffel Bag, ensuring that its waterproof prowess is harnessed to its full potential. You can keep all your belongings dry in this way, making it an ideal choice for outdoor adventures or any water-related activities.

How to Choose the Right duffel bag

  • Choosing the Right Capacity and Size

When it comes to choosing the ideal duffel bag for your needs, finding one with the perfect capacity and size is paramount. After all, the duffel you select needs to be versatile enough for a range of trips and uses, while still properly fitting all the items you intend to pack.

Choosing a bag that is too small can prevent you from fitting everything you need and want for your travels. But going too big can result in a heavy, unwieldy bag that is a pain to transport. You want to find that sweet spot based on the length of your trips, the amount you normally pack, and the modes of transport you’ll use. Consider where and how far you plan to travel, as well as any length restrictions for air travel versus road trips.

Take into account how much you'll be packing for the trip or activity. Will you be transporting bulky gear like shoes, sporting equipment or camping supplies? If so, ensure your duffel choice has ample volume. Likewise, assess the dimensions such as length and diameter. Measure to find the ideal bag length and width for your packing preferences. For short getaways, a smaller capacity duffel bag (around 40-60 liters) might suffice, while longer journeys may warrant a larger capacity (60 liters and above) to accommodate additional clothing and supplies.

How to Choose the Right duffel bag

  • Types of Waterproof Dry Bag

Roll-Top Dry Bag

The most common and versatile type of dry bag is the roll-top dry bag. Constructed from waterproof vinyl, tarpaulin, or other heavy-duty fabrics, roll-top bags create a watertight seal using a fold-down top that rolls and buckles into place. The roll-top closure effectively compresses the fabric to remove air and create a tight barrier against water intrusion when submerged.
Roll-top dry bags come in a wide range of sizes, typically from 5 liters up to 90 liters, to accommodate everything from phones and wallets to sleeping bags and tent gear. Their lightweight and adjustable roll-down design make roll-tops a popular choice for rafting, kayaking, boating, and camping adventures. Easy to transport and flexible to seal, roll-top dry bags have become a staple for keeping belongings safe and dry on aquatic excursions and outdoor trips where gear will be exposed to wet conditions. For versatile, time-tested water protection for all kinds of equipment and supplies, the roll-top dry bag delivers.

Zipper Dry Bag

For the convenience of a backpack with waterproof protection, zipper dry bags are an excellent option.

They utilize high-quality waterproof zippers closures. The waterproof zipper provides easy access to contents without compromising the bag's submersible integrity, even under water. Zipper dry bags come in varying capacities and backpack styles - from compact daypacks to large expedition packs - making them ideal for activities like hiking, boating, and beach days where gear needs to stay dry.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of the Roll-Top or the convenience of the Zipper, both dry bag styles share a common goal is that safeguarding your belongings from the elements, ensuring that your adventures remain not just dry, but thoroughly enjoyable, so make it a matter of what suits your like.

Gonex Waterproof Duffle Bag

Gonex Dry Duffel Bag is a high-capacity roll-top dry bag engineered for protecting gear in wet environments. Constructed from durable PVC material, this bag is waterproof and snowproof when sealed correctly.

The roll-top closure provides the key to keeping contents dry. After packing, the opening can be rolled down 3-4 times and secured tightly with the strap. This creates an air-tight water barrier by compressing the fabric. For added protection, the back zip pocket is specially designed to hold wet, dirty items separately from main gear. It naturally drains excess moisture out through small outlets at the bottom.

Thoughtful design details make this dry bag highly practical for real-world use. Dual side haul straps, a top carry handle, and adjustable shoulder strap allow you to transport the bag in multiple ways for convenience.

With its rugged, waterproof build, the Gonex waterproof dry duffel bag protects gear for all types of wet adventures like kayaking, rafting, boating, fishing, and more. The enough capacity provides ample space for clothing, or camping supplies, while keeping it all dry. This versatile bag also works for motorcycle trips, keeping spare clothes and supplies protected.

how to seal for roll-top dry bag

Review Gonex Waterproof Duffle Bag

The video centers around a thorough evaluation of a 60-liter capacity duffel bag provided by the brand Gonex. Several key features and attributes of the bag are highlighted.

  • Appearance and capacity

Inside the main compartment, there is an additional smaller zippered pouch which the could be intended for storing wet, dirty, or damp items separately from the main space. This compartment has a mesh back pocket for wet gears and allow airflow and drying along with a solid waterproof backing.

Externally, the Gonex duffel includes a small name tag or luggage tag attachment spot for identification. There is also a longer zippered side pocket with tiny drainage holes in the bottom seam, presumably to allow water to escape rather than pooling in the pocket.

The reviewer conducts a capacity test to verify if the bag truly holds the advertised 60 liters. Using a five-gallon bucket for measurement, he completely fills the bag with water by gradually pouring in 3 five-gallon portions. In total, 15 gallons worth of water capacity is able to fit inside the zippered main compartment before it is fully closed. This confirms the stated 60-liter volume.

Impressively, when completely filled with the 15 gallons of water, equaling approximately 60 liters, he is actually able to pick up and move the bag with no leakage, demonstrating the durable construction.

Capacity Test of Gonex Waterproof Bag

  • Waterproof Test

After evaluating the storage capacity, @AdventureswithSpackmann conducts a key test on the Gonex duffel's waterproof functionality. He brings the packed bag into a swimming pool to assess how waterproof it is when fully submerged under water.

Initially when placed in the pool, the bag floats well and keep its contents dry inside. When @AdventureswithSpackmann pushed and squeezed the floating bag deeper into the water to do the water torture to test the whole waterproof. Upon doing this, he floated on the water with their bags, and a few bubbles can be seen leaking out from the seams, some water is able to slowly penetrate the bag.

This underwater compression test reveals that while well-constructed, the Gonex duffel does not act as a fully waterproof dry bag when underwater like diving. A small amount of water will infiltrate the main compartment if the bag is submerged and pressed down.

In his final assessment, he praises the well-made construction and materials of the Gonex duffel, without any loose threads or signs of cheap craftsmanship. For those seeking a sturdy, water-resistant travel duffel rather than a fully waterproof dry bag, he recommends considering this roomy 60-liter Gonex model based on his experiments. While not impervious to water when submerged, under typical wet conditions the duffel can safely protect your gear while providing ample storage.

Waterproof Test of Gonex Waterproof Bag

The thorough testing process and insights provided in the video sparked interesting discussion in the comments. Viewers note the bag seems suitable for normal outdoor abuse and wet environments, as long as you don't intentionally submerge it underwater for long periods. The creative water torture test provided new perspective on evaluating real-world waterproofness. The bag should still perform fine in everyday wet conditions like rain, splashes, kayaking, etc. Only total, forced submersion causes water to enter through the stitching.

If you are interested learning more or watching the full in-depth testing process, be sure to check out the original video in the end of the video.


Overall, the Gonex Waterproof Duffel Bag proved itself to be a well-made, high-capacity piece of luggage in the video review. While unlikely to keep contents absolutely dry if immersed deeper underwater, the duffel provides ample water protection for surface-level wet conditions. The dense tarpaulin fabric, thick seam stitching, large roll-top closure, and thoughtful exterior pockets make this a versatile travel duffel for the price. For camping, boating, motorcycle trips, and other outdoor adventures where gear may get wet, the Gonex duffel is up for the job. We sincerely appreciate @AdventureswithSpackmann taking the time to thoroughly test and critique the Gonex duffel bag in such an informative video and explore the Gonex duffel's impressive qualities along with areas for improvement.

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